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It was 2004 when the first collection of Voile Blanche shoes, inspired by the world of sailing, made its appearance. As a tribute to the sea and to navigation, the shoes are made with Dacron, the fabric with which sails are made and this immediately gives a new and very minimal touch to the brand's footwear. Attention to detail and care in the creation of models go hand in hand with the interest with which Voile Blanche looks at people and their habits. The sartorial quality of the shoes demonstrates how much passion there is behind each model of the various series, Active, City and Urban. The style of the brand is light, fluid, capable of gliding through city streets like a sailboat does on the surface of the sea. Lines and colors are the stylistic feature of a brand that has been able, in just a few years, to capture the attention of a customer who is attentive to what she is wearing and who loves innovation. In fact, the shapes of the shoes are born from the innovative technical processes and, of course, from the quality and performance of the materials used.

Voile Blanche sneakers

Sneakers are the strong point of Voile Blanche . The models of the Active series, which you can find in our store, have a strong and determined design, immediately recognizable as belonging to the brand. Very light and hyper-technological soles, breathable and technical materials refer to that sense of freedom so sought after by the brand and its customers. Everyone must be free to dress and act as they see fit and, in this, the freedom offered by the brand's shoes really plays its part.
Wear your Voile Blanche with jeans, shorts or chinos and you will always be perfect for any occasion. The Hybro Run line is developed both for everyday life and for running, thanks to its super light EVA sole technology and recycled vegetable materials.

Voile Blanche shoes

Among the Voile Blanche models, there are also sporty sandals with ultra-light rubber soles, perfect for a dynamic summer, full of beautiful surprises.

Mix&,Match for Voile Blanche

The Voile Blanche sneakers are a touch of style in an outfit that you could create by combining this brand with Zanellato and Equipement !