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Veja is a French brand of sneakers with a Spanish name, which stands out from the others for its green choice in production. Born in 2005, during the explosion of the web, this brand wanted to go against the trend of digital start-ups, creating something extremely tangible, such as shoes. The concept is very popular and, within a short time, the Veja become internationally known, even if the sneakers are not the only product of this iconic brand. In fact, the brand also produces sneakers that you can wear every day, but which are ideal for your workout and training, because they are made with very sophisticated technology, which makes them perfect for your sporting activity. In our store, you will find the Veja models both in the classic and in the vegan version, highly appreciated by the public, because it is capable of fully supporting a convinced green philosophy. White or coloured, high or low, with laces or Velcro, these sneakers will be your inseparable companions for the coming summer and will be perfect with a casual and sporty outfit, as with a smart-casual, depending on your mood .

Veja sneakers

Veja sneakers and running shoes are made with very high technological criteria, but also with great attention to design. The models refer to the legendary lines of the 80s, with a predominance of white for the upper and color for the V logo found on the outside of the shoe. Their clean and retro lines, both in the low and in the high version, are truly a classic and can be combined with jeans, chinos or a skirt and shorts.
Even if you choose the leather models, you must know that the material is always treated to be totally Chrome-free, without the use of metals and acids, for your safety and that of the environment.

Veja vegan sneakers

Many Veja models are vegan, i.e. totally skinless. In that case, the upper is made of organic cotton canvas, the insole and sole are made of rubber from the Amazon and rice waste and sugar cane are also used, to obtain results that are comparable to those of traditional shoes in skin.

Mix&,Match for Veja

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