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Trame Auree is the project born from Rita and Roberto who represent the philosophy of the brand and embody a path of quality, research and personal and recognizable style.
At the base of the brand there is a story of rebirth, the inspiration for their shirt collections comes from far away from Japan and from the philosophy of kintsugi: a repair system using resin and gold dust which, instead of being invisible, puts prominence of cracks and fractures. The underlying idea is that from imperfection, as well as from a wound, a better and even greater form of aesthetic and interior perfection can be born. Furthermore, it would also represent the concept of fracture in a broad sense, and therefore of the crises and changes that the individual may have to face in the course of life. It is the essence of resilience. In the life of each of us, perhaps, we must look for a way to cope positively with traumatic events, to grow through our own painful experiences, to value them, exhibit them and convince ourselves that it is precisely these that make each person unique, precious.
As well as their shirts: white and gold, gold of the precious embroidery and the scarab-shaped amulet (another symbol of rebirth for different cultures starting from the Egyptian one).
Made of different materials always carefully selected: pure cotton, stretch cotton and linen, maximum accuracy, study of details and use of the best finishes make these garments works of art.