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      The story of Tonello follows that of the family of the same name, founders of the men's and subsequently women's tailoring brand, who knew how to grasp the changes in fashion and adapt them to their unique style. Its design, which has always been linked to the concepts of class and luxury, has been revisited in a modern and contemporary key in the Tonello T Jacket . The shape of the Tonello jackets is always slim and perfect on the body, the trousers are created to enhance the legs and each garment has the function of enhancing the body and its dynamism. The company is structured to produce at km 0, selecting only noble materials from other companies in the vicinity. The Tonello brand was born in 2001, from a long tradition, and its Tonello T Jacket comes thanks to a very witty idea, during the search to satisfy customers with a new and exclusive garment.
      Style, grace, elegance are all characteristics of the brand's collections and are a source of pride for Italian fashion and Made in Italy. Knowing how to adapt to the times and always remain a point of reference for one's customers is a real must for Tonello .

      Tonello T-jacket concept

      Why not think about a new cut for such a consolidated garment as a jacket? Surely, the Tonello T-jacket was born from a new concept: the idea of ​​its creators is to create a contemporary, comfortable, easy coat, which is at the same time refined and tailored, of the highest quality, but not too demanding, and above all agendered , i.e. unstructured and with an androgynous style, which is well suited to many different outfits.

      Tonello T-jacket in our store

      Take a look at our store and you will discover that we have selected for you different versions of the Tonello T-jacket , always soft and close-fitting, almost like sweaters. You can choose solid colours, in classic black, white or bright orange, but also more "flashy" versions such as the striped one, perfect for summer afternoons. Wear your model with jeans or a pair of elegant trousers and you will discover a comfort that you didn't know a jacket could have.

      Mix&,Match for Tonello T-jacket

      With a garment like the Tonello T-jacket , you can combine the collections of Sarte Pettegole or Etro , for distinctive and classy looks.