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SWORDS 6.6.44

Brand founded in 1998. The name brings with it a playful and dreamlike side: a reference to the Normandy landing that wants to tell the "landing" of the young Giacomo Zanelletti in the world of fashion.
From an early age he loved to create imaginative uniforms with scraps of leather for his legions of toy soldiers, giving vent to his creativity.
Today the brand, a niche brand, tells the Made in Italy creativity for garments with a very specific identity and philosophy, the know-how combined with the creative instinct translates into a continuous search for natural materials and precious finishes.
The range of the brand ranges from jackets with stitching, mandarin collars to ergonomic biker models with a rock attitude, combining vintage moods and contemporary fashion elements.
Gritty garments with different washes and a vast range of colors ranging from neutral tones to brighter shades, a very precise identity and philosophy, each garment has a soul and the personal and expressive element tells the different moments of life.
SWORD 6.6.44 is an excellent witness of the ever changing times and the unstoppable succession of trends.