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Samantha Sung combines her creativity with an inspiration that has its roots in the bon ton fashion of the 50s, to create clothes that remind us of the style of Audrey Hepburn, an unforgettable style icon, as well as a talented actress. After working for brands such as Ralph Lauren in New York and Cerruti in Milan, Samantha launched her homonymous brand in 2006: her vocation drives her to supervise every moment of the production process, from the design to the material creation of the garments, for which his concept of art always comes into play. Wonderful fabrics with floral decorations are used for dresses, sweaters and skirts, the only items in her exclusive collections. Furthermore, Samantha Sung creates accessories and shoes (her bon ton models with 5 cm heels are classic) to match her unique style. Leafing through the designer's pages on FiveBrescia means taking a leap into the past, but with an eye firmly anchored to the present and to all it has to offer. Hepburn-inspired styles are also crafted in ultra-comfortable stretch cotton for all-day wear to the office or the weekend.
Only for truly romantic souls!

Samantha Sung clothes

It's definitely the dress, on Samantha Sung 's must-have item. We are talking about calf lengths, soft flared skirts and shirt collars, with soft fabrics and bright colors with floral decorations or bold solid colors. That very strong reference to a past in which education and style were inevitable underlines an elegant style, which you can always wear, if you are a refined woman, or in your free time, if you love to alternate something original with your classic casual style.
Naturally, this style features a moderate heel for both ankle boots and pumps. But if you're a wild spirit, then sneakers will be perfect too!

Samantha Sung clothing

There are not many garments that Samantha Sung produces: in addition to the iconic dresses, there are only sweaters, always with floral decorations, and romantic long and full skirts, to be worn with a beautiful silk shirt. super cool!

Mix&,Match for Allude

Samantha Sung 's classic style is perfect for brands like Le Sarte Pettegole or Allude , for classy matches.