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Timeless luxury and style are among the characteristics that best define a brand like that of Salvatore Santoro . His story as a designer and stylist begins in Naples, the cradle of Italian elegance, where Santoro learns everything about leather, his reference material, from which he is capable of making any garment, from jackets to leggings, from jackets to blazers. Hers are precious collections, dedicated to women who love fashion and appreciate the materiality of leather. But that's not all… Each Salvatore Santoro garment is unique, because the tanning of the leather, the treatment, the creation are carried out by hand and this leads to the exclusivity of the piece. The master craftsmen who take care of the brand's garments are artists who think of the woman who will wear them, of her combinations with other garments, of her character, of her way of being. All this attention is reflected in the details of each piece, in the exclusivity of its creation and in the uniqueness of who will wear it.

Salvatore Santoro leather jackets

An indispensable must, the leather jacket resists any change in fashion, because you can wear it with a casual style, as with a more elegant one and it will always know how to adapt to situations. All the more reason, this also applies to Salvatore Santoro , whose jackets are timeless icons, highly sought after by women who love not only the texture of the garment, but who can't give up wearing a jacket. The black leather blazer, fastened with a single button, the model with laser-made decorations and shawl collar, slim fit, the double-breasted model, raw cut, with precious mother-of-pearl buttons are just examples of how the craftsmanship of a brand historian of Made in Italy manages to renew a garment like this, while remaining within the wake of a great tradition.

Salvatore Santoro new collection

Salvatore Santoro 's leather jackets are another way to wear something unique. More casual than jackets, they can be worn every day with jeans as with something more elegant and express all the love for fashion and class of such an exclusive brand.

Mix&,match for Salvatore Santoro

Salvatore Santoro 's style combines with that of Samantha Sung and Le Sarte Pettegole , for truly exclusive combinations.