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An American name for an Italian, or rather Florentine, brand born in 1977 and specialized in the production of refined shirts: this is who Robert Friedman is, a well-known brand on the international fashion scene, born from the creativity of a shirt maker and a fashion designer who wanted - by choosing this name - to pay homage to one of the greatest American shirt makers.
Made in Italy joins US boldness for collections of exclusive garments, with a unique style, made with the best fabrics around, with silk and cotton from Italy, Switzerland, England and France. The brand's shirts stand out not only for the top materials, but also for the textures, colors and patterns that have been greatly appreciated by its customers for thirty years. Shirts have different styles and purposes: from the more formal ones, for work and important occasions, to the more casual and relaxed ones, up to decidedly fashionable models, with refined details and style details. In short, whatever your style and your commitment of the day, Robert Friedman certainly has the shirt that's right for you... and you can find it in our shop!

Robert Friedman shirts

For Robert Friedman , shirts are an iconic and timeless garment, to be reinvented according to one's needs and perfect for any occasion. The flared model with paisley print, the super classic white which is impossible to do without, the romantic floral models, the one with a collar with ruffles or with an applied tie, the rigorous masculine cuts in silk with a French collar are designed for your more important commitments, for those moments when clothing is everything and when you need to feel comfortable and show who you really are.

Robert Friedman clothing

In addition to the iconic shirts, Robert Friedman also produces clothes, for which the shirt is always the starting point. Short or long, the models are always soft and wide and follow the trail of the values ​​and philosophy of a brand that has been dictating Italian fashion around the world for decades.

Mix&,Match for Robert Friedman

With the legendary Robert Friedman shirt, you could wear the jackets by Salvatore Santoro or those by Herno , for a super chic mix.