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PYAAR extension

The brand was born in 2007 from the desire of its founder, Walter Magnano, to start a new real, virtual, emotional and entrepreneurial journey.
Creating products with a history in balance between the most advanced expressions of creativity and the emotions of the public, a constantly evolving collection dedicated to an ironic and contemporary woman, a lover of easy dress.
Scarves with a thousand shades that combine the Indian technical-creative tradition with Made in Italy stylistic research.
Patterns between floral, geometric and tribal fields, textured fabrics, cottons, linens, silks, micro and macro geometries, minimalist prints, damasks, ramage.
New deco flavors where multicolored or monochromatic shades, unique or multiplied, create infinite variations of a single symbol full of references to add that discreet and well-calibrated value to every outfit.
Textile creations in line with the times, respectful of details and unique craftsmanship.
The name of the brand itself, which in Hindi means Love, wants to reflect a cultural syncretism for the different life experiences that can be combined, contaminated and told.