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Paige Adams-Geller is co-founder and creative director of an American fashion brand, founded in 2004 in Los Angeles and since then always at the forefront of the collective imagination of the casual outfit, not only for American women. Paige is a well-known model, who decides to make the leap, highlighting her skills as a stylist, which are shown in collections for an urban and sophisticated lifestyle. His jeans are not only the classic day garments, but are also designed for evening engagements, together with them, Paige produces shirts, tops, dresses and everything in between! From basic to more studied items, the brand's lines meet the needs of a woman who loves the latest fashion trends, but also a wardrobe in which to find her "Linus blankets", those essential items that are handed down from season to season in season.
Each garment shows a great design work that reaches perfection, his jeans are washed and worn to check their fit and you recognize them by the iconic whipstitch , the buttonhole stitch you find on the back pocket of every pair and which indicates the nine lives, those of cats, all to be lived, because starting over is always possible !

Paige jeans

Paige 's iconic item is definitely her jeans . Designed for all women, therefore with different fits, washes and designs, they are treated in detail and always perfect on every silhouette. Straight and short with a high waist, straight and wide leg to be worn with ankle boots, skinny and sexy, they represent the wardrobe base of both a woman with a casual spirit and one who loves elegance, but wants to alternate less demanding and certainly no less cared for.

Paige clothing

The rest of the Paige collections move between tops, jumpsuits, bodysuits, dresses, jackets designed for a dynamic woman, busy between family, work and all the social occasions that life offers her.

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