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Paul Smith is an iconic English brand, which has made unique and colorful patterns its stylistic hallmark. His story begins in a 3x3 square meter shop in Nottingham, England, from which the designer sets out to conquer the world: today, in fact, Paul Smith has stores in over sixty countries around the world and… a large space in our shop! The brand's clothing is relaxed, casual, fun and full of surprises. According to Paul Smith himself, inspiration comes from… everywhere! A sketch, music, everyday life, the love of cycling: all inspire the stylist and stir his eclectic creativity. The PS Paul Smith line, which you can find in our store, is the most recent women's line and is characterized by collections dedicated to a young woman who loves garments that do not go unnoticed in terms of pattern, color and, of course, design. The very British and rigorous spirit blends with the subtle humor of the country for collections that leave their mark: shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, trousers, coats, which reflect a truly unique style, yours!

St. Paul Smith clothing

A tour of our pages dedicated to PS Paul Smith will immediately show you the always new colors and patterns: the striped shirt with Italian collar, the horizontal striped cardigan with matching buttons, the over check coat, the yellow jacket flou with cuffs and shirt collar speak to us of a woman who loves to change, mix styles and always be original in any circumstance. Just like PS Paul Smith has always done!

Paul Smith Pants

An essential garment also for women, the trousers are a must by PS Paul Smith . In our store, you will find the original version with joggers line and drawstring waist, which has a casual soul, but can also be worn with a pair of elegant shoes for those moments when you need to be at ease for a business meeting. work.

Mix&,Match for PS Paul Smith

With a brand as iconic and original as PS Paul Smith , we recommend pairings that are up to par, such as those with MC2 Saint Barth and Steve Madden , who share their eclectic spirit.