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      Luxury clothing company created in 2004 and now very popular internationally.
      The Veronese brand, conceived and produced entirely in Italy, was initially aimed at a male clientele and today also dresses the female one.
      The collections are almost entirely designed by the founder Moreno Faccincani.
      The name of the brand itself is a sort of anagram of the name of the founder who has also included the image of the Arena on the label that accompanies his products.
      The style of the brand is recognizable and unmistakable. A refined style, made of sophisticated simplicity and functionality, continuous research, innovation in the choice of materials, great attention to detail (hidden in the linings, zips, buttons and multipurpose pockets that highlight the sartorial touch).
      Collections of duvets, jackets, coats that arise from the balance between shapes and combinations of the best materials that express the excellence of Made in Italy and timeless elegance.
      These garments are conceived as collectibles that never get old and keep their value over time, they are not fashion victims and do not chase the modern world.
      As regards the padding, in fine goose down, each garment is accompanied by certifications which guarantee that it comes from animals bred for human consumption, not plucked for the purpose of supplying raw material.
      Moorer duvets are the most eco-sustainable and recyclable in the world.
      After the fabrics, the zippers represent another point of honor of these products, made of brushed metal and made to last over time.