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      Brand specializing in luxury jeans, made with comfort and obsessive attention to materials and details: informal style, sartorial taste, an idea destined to upset the meaning of a cult garment  like jeans.
      Jeans no longer limited to workwear, but proposed as a lifestyle for those who love denim fabric, becoming a passepartout for everything that is elegance and comfort.
      The distinctive features of the brand are the aesthetically impeccable stitching even inside the trousers, the use of jeweled buttons and colored labels combined with the color of the stitching thread and of the buttons themselves.
      The sartorial finishes characterize all the garments: the internal ones are chain stitch, buttons and rivets are enamelled in silver and only the legs are finished with cut and stitch.
      Even the fabrics are chosen with care: Japanese Kurabo denim, cotton-blend cashmere fabrics, double-twisted cottons to have extra soft and very resistant fabrics.
      In this way, refined and comfortable garments are created, to be worn and reinterpreted on every occasion, an expression of a timeless fashion that mixes casual and glamour.