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Founded in 1947 on Lake Maggiore, Herno has always been a brand capable of expressing luxury and refinement, with garments that have always been linked to water and rain. The first production of the brand, in fact, is all linked to raincoats, essential when you live in a lake and humid area. In a very short time, these garments, which were made with cotton discarded from uniforms and other garments of the Great War, became famous all over the world for their workmanship and for their very high performance. In fact, the starting cotton was treated with castor oil to become completely waterproof. An entire activity that today represents an excellence of Italian fashion started from a material that is all in all simple, but with an addition that no one had thought of before. Today, in our store you will obviously find raincoats, but also 100 gram down jackets which are another focus for Herno . Her collections give us jackets, parkas, coats, down jackets every year that meet the performance and elegance needs of a socially active woman, always busy with her many commitments and who always wants to present herself in the best shape. The class of Herno garments is all on our store, ready to show itself to you in all its splendour!

Herno new collection

The new Herno collection presents us with the beautiful 100 gram down jackets, ultra light in nylon, round neck, with long sleeves and patch pockets, but also with short sleeves and funnel neckline, very chic to wear over a summer dress. But the models don't end there: the ultra-light mid-season versions are also present in the longer versions or those with an A-line, flared and reversible. Naturally, in addition to their unquestionable charm, these models are super performing and capable of keeping you warm and sheltered from the summer rain.

Herno raincoats

Herno was born with raincoats and continues its production even today. The very light, knee-length parka in iridescent taffeta is a very versatile garment, to be worn with both your casual and smarter look, because it is suitable for any situation.

Mix&,match for Herno

The unmistakable style of a brand like Herno finds a remarkable match with brands like L'Agence and Equipment , which enhance its elegant and romantic side.