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      Talented English designer, Hayley Menzies founds her eponymous brand in London. Her beginnings, in 2011, saw her selling her intriguing garments at Portobello Market, where many now very famous stylists took their first steps. On his counter are scarves made from recycled materials and old furs, which immediately strike the attention of a large group of women, who become his customers. Her training at the London College of Fashion can be seen immediately and, in a very short time, Hayley Menzies manages to create a total look for women in which silk and knitwear are her cornerstones. Her influences are not only European, but also come from Thailand, where the designer follows yoga classes. Its truly original aesthetic is aimed at a woman who loves spontaneity and feels the need to express herself through fashion. Never afraid of being “ too much ”, she follows her heart, has fun and knows how to enjoy the little things in life, like her favorite song suddenly playing during a party or a vintage item found at the flea market.
      Generous, smiling and courageous, the Hayley Menzies woman chooses garments that enhance her and that know how to express her true nature.

      Hayley Menzies new collection

      Hayley Menzies ' must-have items are knitwear, while her favorite fabric is silk. With this in mind, we can think of tracing his philosophy behind his much appreciated cardigans, very elaborate, sometimes made as a bolero, but always adorned with pompoms, beads or fringes. Color is always the absolute master of the scene even in the ankle-length model, with tropical panther decoration, in certified jacquard cotton, with flashes of lurex here and there.

      Hayley Menzies clothing

      Among the items in the new Hayley Menzies collection we find beautiful dresses, tops and t-shirts, which are anything but trivial or minimalist, because they reflect the style and love of the designer for fashion and, above all, for her idea of ​​fashion .

      Mix&,match for Hayley Menzies

      With original garments such as those proposed by Hayley Menzies , we recommend matching with brands such as Equipment and Samantha Sung , for unique mixes.