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      Gianni Chiarini is an iconic designer, well known for his bags and accessories. In 2013, alongside his historic line, he founded GUM Gianni Chiarini who often uses rubber/PVC as a material for its production, but never neglects the craftsmanship of the creation, nor that international touch that makes his bags famous all over the world . Each bag and each GUM Gianni Chiarini accessory has an elegant touch that contrasts with the material, giving life to a unicum in the panorama of the sector. Rubber, instead of leather, makes her models also loved by women who have made sustainability their must: vegetarians or vegans who find great consonance in the brand's philosophy. Continuous research leads the designer to always new collections which sometimes refer to great models of the past, reinterpreting them, while others create something completely new. The soft but sculpted shapes of the bags and accessories, the bright colours, the very particular texture blend both with a casual or beach outfit, and with a very urban one, because the models range from the shopper to the clutch. Take a look at the selection in our store and immediately find the GUM Gianni Chiarini bag or accessory for your season!

      GUM Gianni Chiarini new collection

      GUM Gianni Chiarini bags are surprising with each new collection because they combine the sobriety of classic lines with the playfulness of materials, in a marriage that no one had ever attempted before. The soft handbag, with removable shoulder strap, is perfect for your daily commitments, even at work, while the one in straw and PVC seems made especially for the beach.

      GUM Gianni Chiarini accessories

      In addition to the bags, GUM Gianni Chiarini could not miss the opportunity to create fantastic accessories such as the PVC clutches, so versatile that you can use them in the evening, but also as a very useful accessory in the beach bag or in the Tote Bag.

      Mix&,match for GUM Gianni Chiarini

      The versatility of the GUM Gianni Chiarini style allows you to combine his bags with luxury brands such as Alberto Aspesi or casual ones such as MC2 Saint Barth , always impeccably.