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Faliero Sarti is an innovator and a visionary who has been able to embellish a well-known accessory such as the scarf, making it an icon of the female wardrobe. In the 1940s, Faliero decided to use noble yarns to create fine fabrics that would be used in the creation of luxury scarves, an activity that is now being carried out by his granddaughter, Monica, who has been able to evolve the concept of this accessory, without never forget the origins from which the company started. In 2000, Monica - after various international experiences in style offices around the world - created a Scarf Collection, capable of revolutionizing the sector: no longer a rigid and useful accessory, but an enveloping cloud, capable of focusing both on the aesthetic side and on the functional one, soft as a caress. No more fringes, but a multiplied surface for an accessory that becomes capable of making the woman who wears it dream. Art, architecture, nature, photography, childhood memories: all these ingredients are found in Faliero Sarti shoes, skilfully mixed by Monica and capable of reaching the heart of those who wear the brand's scarves.
Hearts, subway maps of large cities, coins, author's photographs, auspicious symbols decorate the surfaces of the scarves year after year, which become more and more eco-friendly, thanks to a careful and verticalized supply chain.

Faliero Sarti scarves

Luxury items to combine with both a casual and an elegant outfit, Faliero Sarti scarves satisfy the taste of a refined woman who pays attention to what she wears. Wool, cotton, cashmere, silk take turns to create now square, now rectangular models, always very large and with surfaces that seem to come to life when you wrap them around your neck, to feel their softness and impalpability.

Faliero Sarti motifs

The patterns of Faliero Sarti scarves are numerous and of international inspiration: from plain colors to abstract compositions, from invocations for environmental protection to memories of travels to the Orient, everything contributes to creating stylish accessories without which your outfit will not be complete.

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