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Etro is a luxury brand that highlights all the Italian elegance and craftsmanship in terms of fashion, clothing and accessories . It was 1968 when Gerolamo Etro opened his business linked to the textile sector, giving life to what would become, above all thanks to his four children, a real point of reference for fashion in the world. In 1981, Gerolamo returned from India with a brilliant idea: struck by the Persian motif boteh (or buta), i.e. paisley, he decided to make it his own and to make it an identifier of his brand. A stroke of genius that has survived to this day! Kean, Veronica, Jacopo and Ippolito Etro , today at the helm of the brand, have been able to give the brand that boost towards a more smart-causal style, but always luxury, not only for clothing , but also for the rest of the products. Etro empire: the production of fragrances and furnishing accessories. The Etro woman is a refined woman, very attentive to what she wears, down to the smallest detail: a coordinated dress, bag and scarf are indispensable musts that make her feel good and at ease with herself. In our store, we have thought of distinctive garments and accessories that you can combine with your outfit, with the certainty of discreet but classy clothing .

Etro collections

The Etro crewneck dress, printed and with long sleeves, with flat pleats, the jacquard flared trousers with iconic motif, the reversible jacquard cape with fringed hem, the elegant black midi dress with discreet sequin motif, the coat single-breasted with arnica print speak of a sophisticated woman, who is not satisfied with a casual look, but wants something that underlines her silhouette, that is feminine and that goes beyond the classic pair of jeans (which she also doesn't disdain to wear). We are talking about a woman who is always perfect on every occasion and always self-confident.

Other accessories

And finally, why not complete your outfit with a scarf or belt to match your new Etro outfit? Or, again, a wallet or an iconic Bugatti model bag in arnica fabric with a paisley motif?

Mix&,Match for Allude

With the sophisticated elegance of Etro , we can clearly see the garments of Aspesi and Herno , for a WOW effect mix!