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      An Equipment shirt cannot be missing from a woman's wardrobe.
      Brand founded in 1976 in Paris was relaunched in 2010 from Los Angeles.
      The brand aims to revolutionize the old concept of women's shirt, transforming it from a classic item of men's wardrobe to a key piece of women's wardrobe, his most popular line is the "boyfriend" line which mixes French elegance with the freer Californian style, creating androgynous silhouettes, never tight, made up of luxury fabrics.
      The Equipment shirts are inspired by the mood of American films from the 50s.
      Innovative and out of the fashion concept, the Equipment shirt embodies the refined woman.
      The materials used to make these precious creations follow the strict standards of the Parisian fashion company which aims for the highest levels of quality in the fashion world.
      The brand is appreciated for the simplicity of its lines, its sober and elegant style and the extreme versatility in combinations.
      The silk used is comfortable, breathable and chic, the colors are bright, full and with bold tones, there is no shortage of patterns ranging from camouflage, to python and the indispensable spotted.
      Alongside the iconic two-pocket “signature” and one-pocket “Brett” models, the collections are always enriched with new prints and colors.