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      The elegance and class of Alberto Aspesi finds its space in our store. Take a look at the garments we have selected for you, they will immediately give you that feeling that only Made in Italy can give and that you will find in the famous 10 gram Thermore padded down jackets, in the romantic long dresses, in the knee-length dresses, in the shirts, in the jackets and everything that will give your outfit that smart-casual touch, perfect for work, leisure, family, all occasions in which you need neat and sober clothing.
      The story of Alberto Aspesi begins in 1969 with the men's tailor D-Camiceria, which is based in the province of Varese. Its production is specialized in men's shirts, tailored and made only with high-class fabrics. In the 90s, the laboratory gave way to a real company that deals with the women's total look, in which minimal style and shirt production know-how meet. The Alberto Aspesi woman is always a lover of fashion, but also careful that what she wears is made to perfection and always impeccable.
      The 90s also marked the entry into the company of Lawrence Steele, designer of the LSD line, that of down jackets that give further prestige to this iconic brand. Since then, the Aspesi Aperto style, while remaining anchored in tradition, has opened up to a more contemporary gaze.

      Alberto Aspesi new collection

      Our store presents the new Alberto Aspesi collection , with luxury items that will make your season a golden moment! The romantic 50s shirt dresses are a tribute to the fashion of that period, but can be worn with a pair of sneakers, to underline their contemporary look. Short flared dresses for daytime are a touch of style for your days off.

      Alberto Aspesi duvets

      Those by Alberto Aspesi are not just duvets, but they are a way of being. In nylon with a mandarin collar and a short cut, they are perfect for those cool evenings when you don't want to give up on style.

      Mix&,match for Alberto Aspesi

      With the luxurious and minimal style of Alberto Aspesi , we recommend the Crida and Chiara Boni garments for super iconic matches.