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      Crida are Cri-stina (Parodi, well-known TV journalist) and Da-niela (PR and stylist): lifelong friends, capable of inspiring each other, they have taken this inspiration and distilled it in their collections of luxury fashion. Their harmony has led them to create extremely feminine, romantic garments made with the highest quality materials, such as silk and cashmere. Cristina has always loved fashion and in 2015 she published "You're perfect and you don't know it", a guide in which she suggests how to value yourself, always. Daniela has been designing clothes and knitwear since childhood, filtering them over time through that modern art that she has come to know and love. Theirs is a union that has led to the creation of dresses, skirts, shirts and many accessories, such as belts and caps, which speak to women who are lovers, like them, of fashion and models that underline their femininity, always without exasperation , but with class and glam touches. It is a type of luxury clothing, which you can wear every day, if you love an elegant style, capable of reflecting your soul.

      Crida collections

      The new Crida collection speaks to us of a woman in love with life, capable of extricating herself from family, work and social commitments, always perfect for any occasion. Silk midi dresses are designed for the day's commitments, those of a working woman who never stops. The long dress in silk fil coupé, so impalpable and luminous, is recommended for evening engagements, between a cocktail party and a dinner in the garden. Cashmere coats, pleated skirts and a few other carefully selected items define the wardrobe of a woman who pays attention to what she wears and how she poses, always self-confident.

      Cry accessories

      There is no self-respecting outfit that is not completed by some valuable accessory and Crida knows it! A refined leather belt with an oval buckle, to be worn over a dress, a soft cashmere cap with a striped pattern: everything speaks of a romantic and always positive woman.

      Mix&,Match for Crida

      Crida 's understated sophistication is perfect when accompanied by brands like Ella Lago di Como and Alberto Aspesi , who share its chic vibes.