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Anneclaire is an Italian women's clothing company, founded by the Chiecchio family in 1953. It is a reality that has its roots in Piedmont, at the gates of the marvelous and highly renowned Langhe area (where, for example, the most prized in the world) which has always been a territory rich in creativity, tradition, culture and excellence of Made in Italy. The third and fourth generation of the family have been able to renew the spirit of the brand, while remaining firmly anchored to their Piedmontese roots and respecting the philosophy of research and quality, which the brand has always advocated.
Love for Made in Italy and for fashion are the basis of a production that favors the quality of the materials, the workmanship and the elegance that manifests itself through the design, always present, but never ostentatious. Today, the brand produces entire collections that know how to combine the taste of the contemporary with that of the past, for timeless collections.

Anneclaire collections

Anneclaire is a brand specializing in high-level knitwear : soft ankle-length cardigans, loungewear suits made up of trousers and sweaters, for your free time, crew-neck sweaters to wear on any occasion - from work to everyday life - define a linear and minimal wardrobe, in which the sober elegance of the garments mixes very well both with casual clothing and with an elegant and glam one at the same time, to cover your every occasion both daily and particular. The soft and refined colors are perfect for the quality of the fabrics and materials that will last a very long time, through the seasons and fashions.

Anneclaire and her style

When we talk about a refined brand like Anneclaire , born in an area where there are companies of international standing, known all over the world, we cannot fail to notice the style that distinguishes it. The attention to detail and the treatment of the fabrics make the sweaters, coats and tracksuits exclusive and represent a cuddle to indulge in whenever you feel like it.

FIVEBRESCIA and the combinations of its brands

The understated elegance of Anneclaire combines very well with that of brands such as 813 or Peserico for a distinctive look that will not let you go unnoticed.