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Allude is one of the most famous German brands in the production of deluxe cashmere products, since its first collection launched in 1993, the success of the brand has always been based on quality.
The idea of ​​the founder, Andrea Karg, was to create luxurious knitwear  in trendy colours. The driving force of this brand is the continuous research to arrive at a well-packaged, glamorous product in modern colors.
Why Cashmere?
Because it is a raw material that is not only soft, but also sophisticated, intelligent, welcoming and absorbs colors wonderfully.
The purpose of the brand is to pamper customers, inspiring comfort and happiness, to create a product that aims to make "a difference" for the consumer, for a sophisticated and refined woman who loves to dress in an original and never predictable way.
This is one of the reasons why new models are not created every season: if you have achieved perfection with a shirt why change it! The fact remains that today's world is a constant source of inspiration for new pieces destined to become the next icons.