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Since 1999, add has been transforming outerwear such as down jackets into something light and impalpable, which goes beyond its exclusively practical function, but becomes an aesthetic element of one's daily clothing.
To achieve this result, the Milan-based company has carried out a lot of research on fabrics and types of down processing, to create warm, comfortable, design and almost impalpable models.
The different collections are born from garments with different styles, ranging from minimal to conceptual, to satisfy the tastes of all women who choose this brand, for its functionality, but above all for its elegance. add garments are defined by four essential cornerstones: lightness, design, value - understood as robustness - and embracing, i.e. comfort.
The fabrics are subjected to tailoring processes which define their fine design, but which make them increasingly lighter. The duvet "The Lightest" (from the English "the lightest") is the sum of all the research and know-how of a company that has put quality and aesthetics above all. Even the duvet used by the brand is of the highest quality: 850 filling power which guarantees thermal insulation, resistance to humidity and the ability to recover its volume after being folded.

add collections

The add collections are divided into long and short down jackets, trench coats and reversible jackets, technological field jackets, parkas, refined waterproof coats, in which the mix of design and careful technological research that made this brand great is visible. For the mid-season, add has designed garments for a cross season in which you can show off light and insulating garments, which allow you a happy transition into summer.

add accessories

add produces lines of accessories of the highest level, in which you will find the same aesthetic and technological care of its duvets. Waterproof hats, padded shoes and rain boots complete a casual look, where warmth, comfort and beauty always come first.

Mix&,Match for add

The refined but casual nature of add garments meets the elegant and cozy one of Allure and 813 for mixes that will make you feel good and highlight your charm.