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      The 813 Annalisa Giuntini brand begins its production focusing exclusively on modal, silk and cashmere scarves, precious accessories where natural dyes and prints triumph with themes related to nature and the world of animals, much loved by the designer. Little by little, the work is transformed and a unique brand is born which expands to the creation of other accessories and glamorous and refined clothing. Paolo and Annalisa, the two founders, were born respectively on 8 and 13 February and from there comes the name of the brand, a numerical association that chooses the silhouette of a butterfly as its logo, to represent the free spirit and the desire to evasion.
      The brand's garments and accessories are, for the two founders, "emotions to wear", which go beyond national borders and are, today, known all over the world. With each season, prints, fabrics, patterns, models are renewed and the collections expand to include blankets, ponchos, capes and real clothing that ranges from loungewear to coats, in collections of pure style, always Made in Italy.

      813 accessories

      813 accessories are the brand's first love and are present in our store as touches of style for a sophisticated outfit. The soft summer scarves in modal and silk with different patterns, motifs and processes complete your look in an almost physiological way, with a touch of color and style that you will no longer be able to do without. The long and iconic caftans are the way to be elegant while remaining linear and are suitable for a trip to the sea, as well as a commitment in the city. The same elegance and comfort for the viscose jumpsuits, for that casual chic look that is also suitable for a summer garden party.

      813 clothing

      The 813 suits are made up of trousers and shirt or shirt and skirt, damask: the highly effective ensemble can be worn on special occasions, but also for your everyday lifestyle, when elegance is your hallmark .

      Mix&,Match for 813

      The profound refinement of a brand like 813 finds a certain resonance with brands like Chiara Boni and Zanellato which share its chic and glamorous aspects.